Friday, May 13, 2005

Letters to the editor

Two back-to-back letters on the pagan package, the only ones that have appeared so far.

Appalled at section
I was appalled at this past Sunday's section of Faith & Values. The editor(s) missed a great opportunity with this section and showed a great lack of judgment, publishing a section almost exclusively on paganism, witchcraft and Wicca.

One would think you could have come up with a better edition of this section for Mother's Day.

I would never have thought that such a section of a newspaper in Charleston would ever be dominated by articles on paganism and witchcraft, let alone on Mother's Day. There was only one article on mothers, and none on the place of motherhood in religious faiths and teaching. Even the apostle Paul, when writing to his colleague Timothy, indicated the important place of mothers in our faith walk: "I am reminded of the sincerity of your faith [he writes to Timothy], a faith which was alive in Lois your grandmother and Eunice your mother before you, and which, I am confident, now lives in you" (2 Timothy 1:5).

On Mother's Day, my church was filled with mothers who brought their children, young and old, with them on this special day. Where is the honoring of our mothers and their sacrifice? You missed the boat on this one and infuriated multitudes of your readers (in my congregation alone). I hope to never see such a display in this section of the paper again.

St. John's Episcopal Parish
3673 Maybank Highway
Johns Island

Positive religion
Accept my thanks for running such a wonderful story on Pagans and Wiccans in the Lowcountry. I have spent much of this past decade speaking with people of all faiths to explain to them that this is a positive, faith-based religion. Your reporter, Dan Conover, has written a wonderful, well-researched and positive piece. I can only hope that this article will help others understand that we all live in the light of the divine.

As I have come to accept and cherish those who follow other faiths, I hope that this piece will assist others in better understanding mine. Where there is light there can be no darkness. Where there is love there can be no hate. Where we find acceptance, we find peace.

The Foundry and the Spring
1125 North Blvd.
North Charleston