Saturday, May 28, 2005

Spoletoblog update

At the moment, Spoletoblog is close to notching its first 1,000-hit day (975 at 4:35 p.m.), although I've figured out that that's 975 since this time yesterday, which is not quite the same thing. Anyway, a thousand hits is good for a blog like this, no matter how you count them.

The comments, however, are lagging. Obviously it's time for me to insult somebody's mom (although, on the bright side, we got our first really good comment just after midnight:
What a contrast between the Opening Ceremonies and the opening night opera! At noon, in front of the oldest public building in America, the wife of the Govenor of South Carolina told us that Spoleto attracts "the right kind of tourists." Tonight, in a building that was formerly a popular movie theatre, Spoleto Festival USA gave us the US premiere of a work that was banned by the Nazis who wanted to eliminate those who were not the right kind of people. Robin Zemp
I'm loving it as a multimedia medium right now: in the past 24 hours I've done traditional posting, posted my own original photos, put up a 45-second audio clip of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra's brass ensemble, and added four quick, loose sketches from this afternoon's trip to the Piccolo Festival's Ground Zero: Marion Square. While I sketched it, Janet photographed it. So we're a family blog.

Somewhere in all of this there has got to be a first. My guess would be that I'm the first newspaper guy to cover an event by drawing it and posting the results to a newspaper blog. OK? Got it? I'm staking a claim.

Let the rest of history pass me by, but let it be recorded for arcane posterity that I, Daniel Arnell Conover, was the first newspaper arts festival sketch coverage blog correspondent. So maybe that's not the most major development in New Media, but by gawd, it's my contribution.

Yes, I'm aware that this makes me pathetic. What's your point?