Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Blogging, Zen, podcasting and pagans

I love my Zen Micro as a technology, but I've got to adjust to it. The ability to reliably record a three-hour interview is great, but now that I have that ability, the task of retrieving notes from something that big is just daunting. I'm not sure how many hours it took me to get my eight pages of notes out of my recording of my sit-down with pagan poster family The McGreggors, but it was considerably longer than three hours.

On the bright side, I really think their voices will ring much more true in print thanks to this. I'm pretty good at getting short quotes, but for longer quotes I tend to drop the verbal oxbows and quirks of speech when it's just me taking shorthand.

Turned in an e-mail memo on the Spoleto blog project to the boss yesterday, and it appeared to have gone over well. I brought up the podcasting option, which was poor salesmanship on my part, but whatever.

By the way, the one thing I've learned from recording and podcasting is this: I hate the sound of my voice.

Time to start writing. I've been working on my big pagans project from home this morning, trying to see my way in to the lead.

The truth is, the blog I started for that story attracted a bunch of comment early on, but it has lost their attention since then. The jury is still out, in my mind, as to whether it's really worth the effort. But that's what you gotta love about research: If you have to know the outcome of everything you ever try, you're really not trying anything.