Monday, April 25, 2005

The 'Uh-Oh Feeling"

Hi. Jay Rosen included my post on Tim Porter's blog in a thing he put up this afternoon at PressThink, and that means one thing: much more traffic than this blog normally receives.

For those of you who are here merely to get a bit of background to go with Rosen's comments, let me sum up this blog so you can go back about your regularly scheduled life: I blog about the stuff I'm trying to do. It gives me feedback and ideas, and quite bluntly, sometimes it gives me street credibility when I want to make comments on the big media blogs. But that's it.

Sometimes I blog about big ideas, but this isn't a "big" blog. It is happily, and appropriately, small potatoes.

Hence, the "uh-oh feeling". I don't speak for anyone other than myself. And I really, really don't speak for my employer, which is why I don't mention my employer here.

I would like to clarify one point: I really don't simmer. I used to simmer, but I gave up simmering. Simmering is bad for your health. In fact, it never even occurred to me that I might be viewed as simmering. If you read my post and thought it was simmering, then I want to apologize. I swear to God: wasn't simmering.