Thursday, February 17, 2005

AP story on wikis

Check out this AP story on new aps that use wikis to foster collorative online documents.

Andy Rhinehart and I discussed an idea last month whereby a newspaper could offer free hosting for anybody associated with a recreation sports league or little league team. In exchange for the site and various in-print pointers, the newspaper would get the right to surf the various league sites, looking for story ideas and news items to put in the print edition. Great idea, and not difficult, but I wondered what would happen if the people running the sites lost interest, got sick, went on vacation.

Lo and behold, this article addresses that question DIRECTLY: "Say someone has built a Web site for their child's soccer team. Setting up a community-style blog could help make the task easier, Reid said. A single person wouldn't be burdened with all the work."

This stuff isn't rocket surgery anymore, but whoever gets there first in the MSM is going to look like a visionary genius.