Friday, February 11, 2005

Dave Winer & Andy Rhinehart

Thanks to Andy, I'm getting a chance to interview proto-blogger/RSS guru/pod-cast daddy Dave Winer up in Spartanburg on Tuesday. Topic: Podcasting.

I sold this as a story idea at a features department meeting on Thursday. Nobody had even heard of the subject, but everyone was interested (which is a lot better than the response to my pitch for a story on Discovery Informatics, let me tell YOU).

But I'm psyched. Just finished listening to the Audio Activism mp3 of Dave's gig with "civilian" greensboro and N&R bloggers earlier this week. Chock full of nuggets, with an interesting mini-history of podcasting at the end.

There's also something he said that related to my angst yesterday over revising posts.

A pretty close quote: "What you learn from blogging is that blogging is like fresco painting. You dip your brush and you put it on the ceiling and the fresco dries. Podcasting is like the same thing. There's no editing."