Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Field notes from Spartanburg

1. I drive about 200 miles to Spartanburg, get in around 10:30, buy batteries for my digital recorder, $30 of used paperbacks and old postcards downtown, get to the Herald-Journal newsroom around noon.

2. Lunch: A pizza place downtown (Andy, pepperoni; Dave, salad and sandwich; Me, a poofy chef's salad). We all get unsweet tea. Dave: "Is it unsweetened or unsweet?" Us: "Unsweet. In the South, it's sweet tea, so the opposite is unsweet." Dave: "Unsweet sounds better."

3. Dave has a radio interview with a local NPR station in San Diego and takes the call in Andy's office. We listen to the interview on streaming audio next door in managing editor Greg Retsinas' office. Ah, irony: We're listening to the guy next door on the phone via streaming audio from a radio station in California.

4. I get a sitdown with Dave. There some interesting stuff, and I'm sure it will be more interesting to listen to the auido. The problem is, we're talking podcasting, but Dave is much more interested (and interesting) when talking about blogs. My framing of the interview is diminishing the conversation.

Well, more later... my wife just got home and I haven't seen her all day.