Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Learning Curve

Things I am learning :

1. Angst about ethics on your blog and a stranger will come in and help you. Angst about ethics in a newsroom and SOMEONE will come up and remind you that "angst" isn't a VERB.

2. Transparency, which I've been touting forever, is tough. worth it, but tough.

3. Real interactivity is messy.

4. The most valuable thing in the world is somebody else's attention.

5. Podcasting: I know some very good people who need to be led to it quickly because they have valuable things to say.

6. It's OK to be wrong here. It's not OK to go on an ego-trip about being right.

7. Objectivity isn't a state. Subjectivity is a state. Objectivity is a process. Nobody else seems to agree with me on this, but I'm beginning to think that's why i'm here.

8. You can blog quickly. And perhaps you SHOULD.

9. Blogging requires a different approach to writing because it's a different medium.

10. There is a revolution going on. It is partially self-aware, partially naive, wildly vulnerable and utterly transformative. You don't drive it: You ride it, and you bless it.