Friday, February 11, 2005

Gannon had help? How ironic!

Oliver Willis has my favorite blog motto ("Like Kryptonite to Stupid"), which is much better than the motto for this blog ("A Dingo Ate My Baby"). Today he references a comment left at the Poynter Institute site about the chances that J.D. Guckert could have snuck his fake name past the President's press secretary. Short, sweet, to the point.

I don't think anyone who has every tried to get working-press media credentials anywhere NEAR the president EVER believed that McLellan didn't know what he was dealing with. The last time I had to handle a Bush visit here, the White House required advanced, detailed personal information on each reporter (presumably for a background security check), then advised me to have all my people show up about an hour early just to get through the screening, etc.

I think what depresses me most about this whole sordid affair is that it never really occurred to me that anyone would ever take this with the proper seriousness. As Stephanie Miller so righteously put in on this morning's broadcast, we have now experienced The Death of Irony.

Which sucks, because I really LIKE irony.