Thursday, February 24, 2005

Object lesson: Blogging your stories

To road test some of the ideas about taking down walls between reporter and audience, I've been blogging some of my internal questions about how to approach stories. The other day, the question was, how does a guy in my situation approach the Global Warming story?

Here's an excellent response:

"Maybe write a story about how the average person with finite time and interest should go about forming their opinion? e.g. what rules of thumb should they use, e.g. who should they outsource their researching to, to get the best results. (will the 4 year old kid down the street be the most accurate resource? how about the snake oil vendor? the industry shill? the Koran? the Bible? the blogger who sounds most sure of himself? ...)"

Kinda cuts to the heart of the matter, don't it?