Thursday, February 10, 2005


I learned a little lesson about blogging this week:

If you put a headline on a post, be prepared to live with it.

My original post on Jeff Gannon ("We Hardly Knew Ye...") was headlined "deniability."

Why? Because I was at work and blogging in between phone calls while eating my lunch. I didn't like the headline, and went back later and changed it.

By which time Dan Gillmor had pointed to the first headline. A quality link, and I ruined it.

Another thing: I went back this week and edited a bunch of typos that had been bugging me, part of a general sprucing up that included changing the template to make this easier to read.

But I couldn't stop there. I went back into a post about liberal radio and took out some stuff that I'd written that was flat, factually wrong. i also tweaked some rhetoric.

In newspapers, you wish you could do that, and if you've got good editors, it gets done BEFORE you publish.

But it seemed somehow ethically wrong on a blog.

What are the rules? Where are the lines? How do we know when we've crossed them?