Friday, February 25, 2005

I interview the Area 51 guys

So at 10:30 this morning I got on the phone with the crew from The Area 51 Show... sort of. I called executive producer Marc Rose in Oregon, who called the rest of the group in St. Petersburg, Fla., on a cell phone. So I would ask questions, and then they'd take turns putting people on the cell phone.

Here's the cool thing: Whether these guys ever become famous or not, it's a pleasure interviewing creative people who are pioneering in a new field. People tend to become less interesting and fun once they've got something to lose, but here's hoping these guys find their audience. They look like some kind of second- or third-generation vanguard in podcasting.

In case there are some other fans out there (and apparently there are now a few thousand listening in after three weeks), here's the short skinny: Five people put the thing together, with a bunch of rotating voice talent that morphs in and out. Rose and co-host Douglas Scott write the material; co-host Bobby Black is an actor and a former professional wrestler who was killed in "The Punisher;" Caleb Fiske is an artist and the guy who handles their web presence, and a guy named JR mixes the stuff. Scott writes jingles; Rose produces a sci-fi radio show.

Meanwhile, Adam Curry is dropping hints about some hookup between him and Apple in DSC 2-25-05. Talk about building your own buzz machine. Want someone's attention? Whisper.

I'm O.D.'d on podcasts today, folks. I listened to all kinds of stuff -- and now all I really want to do is hear some silence.