Wednesday, March 09, 2005


OK, here's the end of this saga for today: The web guys have the MP3, but it's low on their priorities, so they haven't even started putting it up yet, writing feeds, etc.

But thank god they're at least working on it. The guys from libsyn called me and we resolved those password issues, but it turns out that even if that had worked perfectly, I still could not have put up my podcast today at libsyn. Why? Because the MP3 was 16.2 MB and our e-mail rejects attachments larger than 10 MB.

If it had not been for the network server, that MP3 would have been stuck on my box forever: too big for floppies, too big for e-mail, trapped on a box without a CD burner (maybe a flash drive solution, but I digress).

Anyway, I've had it. The whole thing has been a learning experience, but I'm going home. I'll update the new blog ( from home when the web guys e-mail me the host link, but if they can't get it together, that's their problem now.

Recording the podcast -- including the time it took to download and install the software, write the "script," download the other podcasts, record my audio, cut and paste the audio from the other blogs and put the whole thing together -- took me four hours (and that's really overstating it, given all the other things I did during that time). Getting it up on the web has already taken 8 hours today, and it's still not finished.

It's a Brave New World, but the old one is still kicking my butt.