Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Here comes the blur

OK, now we're coming up on another one of those really manic periods where I get all excited and exhausted.

Yesterday was probably too much stimulation. Started the day with plumbing problem; had a fascinating (for me, anyway) interview with Ed Cone, who turns out to be my homeboy; got a reply from Adam Curry and sent him 20 questions (some of which were just plain stuped); found out Dave Slusher lives just up the road and reached him on the phone; went for noodles with Janet; came home, recorded a 15-minute practice podcast; tried to upload it to libsyn.

Lesson: big file + slow connection = confusion.

I don't know what happened, actually. I know I did things wrong the first time, that I had to to try a second time and that I went to bed with the file loading. This morning the upload was complete, but the file didn't appear to be on the server. So now I'm uploading again.

Anyway, I'm starting the day tired and this is not a good thing: i've got a freelance assignment meeting in an hour, another plumber coming at 10 and depending on when that finishes up, perhaps a drive up to Conway, 70 miles north, to meet Slusher. Tomorrow I'm scheduled for a nanotech ethics conference in Columbia, and Friday we go to the state press awards in Spartanburg. Not sure when I'm going to write all this stuff, much less cut a real podcast.

I would have written a shorter post, but i didn't have the time...