Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Terry Schiavo poem

This arrived last night jut before midnight from a sender that identified itself as The link at the bottom of the page led to a blog that didn't appear to have any direct connection to this poem, so I'm not going to link it.


Plight of Terri Schiavo Sparks Poetry

Living in a country of lawlessness and greed,
Trying to stop the murder of the most vulnerable against judicial decree.
Two-bit criminals playing with human life,
Commit high crimes in the national light,
Driven on by the media who feeds
The pap to the masses living in ignorance indeed.
Selfishness and corruption reigns in the land of the free,
Dastardly schemes on your TV and internet screen.
Shoving their actions in our faces like a carrot,
They invoke privacy in their death warrants which they believe hold such merit.
Justice is coming but not from those who lead us,
But from the depths of our souls as their crimes try to greet us.
Striking them down with ferocity and might,
We awaken from slumbers of ignorance's delight.
The future looks brighter once we defeat them,
Wresting from deaths' clutches their hostages.

I think this is a remarkable document. First, the kitsch is appalling. Second, and this is a pet peeve, people who think poetry means rhyming the last words in couplets without any consideration of meter just drive me nuts. Not to mention the fact that this poet tries to couple "greed" and "decree."

But look at what this really says: It attacks some vague cultural hegemony while undermining the legitimacy of law, sets up Christians as the knowledgeable class, calls for a revolution and somehow equates that outcome with "freedom."

Sheesh. It's just one of those "through the looking glass" mornings...